Dressing your Walls

Faux Finish, Trompe l’oeil, and Wallpaper are some ways to dress up your walls instead of just plain paint.  All of these give your home a more finished look and feel when you add to all the walls or maybe just an accent wall.

Faux Finish –  Personally, I would hire a professional to do any type of faux work.  “Sponge” in a DYI seminar is not pretty and it looks like it is unprofessional project.  Also, the product in which is used on the walls makes a huge difference.  Professionals have the proper product that they use to achieve the process for the faux finish.  There are many techniques. Here are a list of a few: 

Venetian Plaster (not from the big box stores), Limestone, Leather, Glaze, Sparkle,

Luster stone, Fresco, Metallic, Marble, Wood grain – Faux Bois,

Silver, gold and all the metals leaf (no photos shown)

There are many others….if you can express it to the professional, I am confident that they can come up with a sample to achieve what you had in mind.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of faux finishes for the contemporary palette too.  Any traditional faux can be adjusted to work completely for contemporary.

Trompe l’oeil – Fool of the Eye.  This is where you for sure hire a professional artist that specializes in artwork for the walls or ceiling.  Be sure to view their portfolio and places that were already done by them.

This can represent many things.  A particular scene or ambiance that you want to achieve in a particular room.  Old Masters, Old world, wine country, tropical….you name it.  Just think of your room as a big blank canvas!

Any room can have this done….even the smallest of rooms such as a powder room.

Wallpaper – Wallpaper is on it’s way back in!  Of course, I never quit using it but it sorta got away from the center of attention due to faux finishes and DYI programs on TV showing nothing but regular paint on the walls.  Wallpaper if you choose wisely can last a long time where you are not going to date yourself.  Using grasscloth or simple muted patterns can be a long time investment.  If you choose to have a big blast….then go for that loud fun pattern and change when you are tired of it.

Here are a few photos to give you some ideas.  All of these samples were from

Unlimited Painting in Lake Park, Fl.

Faux Bois

Faux Bois

Crocodile Leather

Crocodile Leather




Metallic Strei




Venetian Plaster


Venetian Plaster with Stencil


Luster Stone


Waxed Rough Venetian Plaster


3 color Glaze




Smaller Fresco





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