Why hire an interior designer = saving money!

I know that most people pride themselves when they own a home. It’s a great accomplishment and one of the most expensive things that you can achieve.

Ok, so now you have your dream home….but the dream is not just the home ownership. You probably would also love to be house proud and show off your style inside as well.

Many people will go out to a furniture store and purchase what is the fastest or least expensive thing to buy and fill up the rooms just to have something. My belief is to have a plan first and take your time. You will probably be in your home for many years and the filling of the home with furniture and decorating should be a fun experience.

If you wish to do your home on your own, I still feel that getting an expert like a designer would be worth hiring so that you have a plan and a goal for purchasing the correct items. This way you are not making costly mistakes. You have a color scheme, a selection of furniture and a design to make the purchases. Then shop away.

If you are not confident to do all of this even with this plan, then retain the designer to shop with you or purchase on your behalf. The designer will go as slowly or as quickly as you wish. Don’t forget to go all the way to the end. This means right down to the last accessory!

If you have a floor plan and need some help, please ask me. We can do this through email, and phone calls.

Check out the Ideabook Blog photos from houzz.com

Any of these photos can be done at any price point level. A designer will be your best source in order to accomplish this process.

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