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When you go to a birthday party and bring out the cake, you have frosting and candles….it’s not just plain cake! In other words, you are not finished with your room unless you have “dressed” the windows.

For the past several years, draperies and beautiful window treatments have made a huge come back. Even here in Florida, many people are obsessed with the “VIEW” from the outside. Draperies just compliment that view by “framing it” and drawing your attention to what you have spent your money on.

There is an array of fabrics to choose from. There are dressy, luscious silks, damask or very tropical printed cottons. Or, you may prefer the simple elegance of linen. Any theme that you’d like to create becomes possible.

Topping all that off, is an amazing assortment of embellishments for your delight. There are hand made tassels, with beads, shells, ribbons, wood and leather. Or, fringes and cords made with all types of silk, chenille, cotton and rayon. Beautiful rosettes can enhance any window treatment. “Oh my goodness, it’s a sea of jewels.” You can almost not keep up with everything that is available. However, you can always find the perfect trim just right for the finishing touches on the drapery treatment.

Drapery hardware is huge as well. Wood, iron and other metals with perfect finishes are available to choose from. If you can think of something special or unusual…..it’s available. Some of the finials at the end of the rods are murano glass, Swarovski crystal, semi-precious stones, marble and onyx. “They are all absolutely beautiful.” The styles are “Old World” to “Contemporary” and anything in between. There is something for every window.

Even in contemporary design, the treatment should still have plenty of body and fabric. In order to maintain the minimal look use more modern pleats, sleeker drapery hardware and be aware of type of fabric you might want to use.

I say the styles are “Old World” to “Contemporary” and anything in between.
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